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Music Theory, Composition & Arranging

Music Theory from Elementary to Advanced

Just the mention of 'Music Theory' puts many people off. It doesn't have to be boring and it really isn't difficult.

There is no reason to trudge through the regulated Theory 'Grades' or exams - that can be boring and time consuming. Many people I've talked to just want to be able to read and write music and understand how it works.

If you are an instrumentalist, you will need to have ABRSM or Trinity Grade 5 Theory in order to progress to Grade 6 in your instrument. If you are not an exams-based musician, there is no need - just learn the bits you want to and explore further if you want to.

I offer all permutations that you may want - from Beginner (learning the names of notes, the structure of writing or playing scales and some of the nomenclature), to more Advanced (learning chord structures, progressions, all the key and time signatures).

Below are the requirements for each Theory Grade - just choose the parts you want to know more about, or go through the Graded system if you wish.

 If you need Grade 5 theory, you can start at Grade 5 without going through all the previous Grades.

Sessions are online and are arranged in 30 minute sections. There is no need to sign up for a complete course - it's up to you if you want to stop or carry on.


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